Pathfinder Paladin Weapon Imbuements

Imbuement Bonus Short Description
Axiomatic +2 Makes the weapon lawful, does +2d6 damage vs chaotic creatures, negative level if chaotic wielder*.
Brilliant Energy +4 Ignores armor/shield bonuses (and their enhancement bonuses). Useless vs undead, constructs, objects.
Defending +1 At the start of the wielder's turn, may transfer some or all of its enhancement bonus to AC.
Disruption +2 Bludgeoning melee weapons only. Undead struck by the weapon must make a DC 14 Will or be destroyed.
Flaming +1 If commanded, weapon is sheathed in flame and does +1d6 fire damage on a hit.
Flaming Burst +2 Same as above but an extra 1d10 fire damage on a crit (2d10 if x3 weapon, 3d10 if x4), even if it is "off".
Holy +2 Makes the weapon good-aligned, does +2d6 vs evil creatures, negative level if evil wielder*.
Keen +1 Piercing or slashing weapon only. Doubles the weapon's threat range. Doesn't stack with similar effects.
Merciful +1 On command, does +1d6 nonlethal damage and converts all base damage to nonlethal damage.
Speed +3 One extra attack during a full attack using the highest attack bonus. Doesn't stack with similar effects.

* If the weapon's wielder is of an incompatible alignment, it bestows one permanent negative level for as long as the wielder holds it. This negative level cannot be overcome in any way while wielding the weapon.