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4E DnD Arena Awards

These awards are handed out at the end of the season to players who have pwned face in an exemplary style. The benefits of the awards are applied to the next season. Each player can win one award. If a player is a candidate for multiple awards, s/he choses. If there is a tie, then a knife fight will determine the winner, based on deadness.

These actually suck and I think we should change them, since we'd almost end up giving one out to each player anyway. Unless we do up to two awards each maybe?

Name of AwardNext Season Benefit
Most Kills by a DM+0 EL's become +1, +1 become +2 when DMing
Most PC Experience+1 starting level to one character
Most Deadly PC (by kills)Free True Resurrection once
Highest Magic Gear ValueExtra level+2 magic item
Most Dying PC's SavedOne free mid-session extended rest
Season Ender!Character receives another race's encounter power as a daily

So keep track of kills and characters saved kids!