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This section is the front page for the Dungeons and Dragons, Fourth Edition "Arena" area. This gaming event was designed to fully accentuate the tabletop combat experience without any other element of the game involved. Each session focuses on a group of encounters without any real need to manage a plot line, puzzles, or role playing. A small economy is managed for purposes of "magicking up" the character and level progression still occurs. However, because of the simple nature of the exercise, the DM need not be (and can't be for purposes of fairness) the same person twice. This bite-sized version of 4e is a great way to include a large number of fluctuating players, a superior way to introduce the most difficult parts of the game, and is generally fun if you're into the hack-n-slash aspect of it all. And who isn't? Dorks. That's who.

Below is the index of links that describe the rules, monster groupings, and even maybe the statistics on the current season (later). Click a topic for more information...