- CosCon 2007 - DM Notes
CosCon 2007

DM Notes

A few things I'd like to mention for everyone's sake, since I know some players will be doing more research than others. Also, a few tips about the event:


Spellcasters are going to have the potential to cast up to 6th level spells.
  • That means some powerful quick kill spells are available, notably Harm, Slay Living, Flesh to Stone, and Disintegrate.
  • There are some powerful "buffs" at these levels, such as Mass Longstrider, Chasing Perfection, Mass Bull's Strength, Stoneskin, Righteous Might, etc.
  • Being a full 12th level arcane caster means that a single sorcerer/wizard could be flinging 5 fireball/lightning bolts from memory alone...
  • Without really thinking hard about it, I think the MVP spell might be Friend to Foe, PHB2 pg. 114.

    Magic Items

    Even though the party will have slightly less starting gold, there will be serious magical options.
  • I recommend you get your maximum of 2 wands.
  • Buy up your big stuff first, then spend the excess on smaller items.
  • Remember that the leader can buy 25K items. Whatever the leader buys must begin the event in his possession though.

    The Terrain

  • There will be a ceiling, so no Chain Lightning, and Fly spells aren't going to be quite as powerful.
  • There will be certain things laying around the terrain, I'd suggest somebody puts some ranks in Profession (Siege Engineer). Wink.
  • Magic items that aren't available for purchase by the characters (because of the gp cap) will be available on the board.
  • Characters are going to be able to take very defensive positions and rushing forward will probably be a bad idea. On the same token, taking time to prep your starting area might be a good strategy.

    I am allowing each group to have one "Teamwork Benefit" from the PHB2, Chapter Six. The party leader must be the "Task Leader" for purposes of the benefit though. Notify your DM what benefit you've selected prior to the event. Some of those are quite useless. Like the Excellent Campers Benefit, or whatever it's called. Others will provide for some nice little bonuses...

    Lastly, this event is all about character creation, I suggest discussing your character with your team as much as you can.