- CosCon 2007 5x5 PvP Event
CosCon 2007

Basic Description of Event

Each group will consist of five player characters. Each character will be run by one player. The goal is to eliminate the other group of five player characters. Easy enough, huh?
Characters will be 12th level, except for a team-elected "leader", who will be of 14th level. Click here for rules on character generation.
Characters will fight within a walled structure and not be allowed to leave the borders of that structure. The actual terrain will be revealed prior to the event. When this occurs, it will be posted below.
Characters are encouraged to cooperate prior to the start of the event, and a temporary forum has been created here where private forums have been created for the players benefit. Please register and send a private message to the forum user "Adam" (that's me, hi), and I will grant you access to your team's particular hidden forum.
If you have any problems, questions or comments, please contact Adam at Here's a mini-site map of any CosCon 5x5 PvP Event pages:
  • Character Generation
  • Purchasing Equipment
  • The Leader Character
  • Rules for the Event
  • Notes from the DM
  • Forum
  • Magic Item Update
  • The Map
  • Notes on the Map

    The Team Selection

    Teams have randomly been assigned as follows:
    Team Alpha Team Zappa
    Gary Fronz
    John L. Heather
    Jon R. John S.
    Justin Matty
    Nick Sid
    John Lindsay is considered an alternate in case the event must be 4x4. It would be nice if someone on Team Alpha also volunteered to be an alternate if someone can't make it.
    It has been agreed that an experience and gold bonus will be given to the winners by giving out exp/gp in actual active campaigns. These would be in either Adam's campaign or in Gary's and Matt's campaigns. According to my calculations, the winnings will be as follows:
    LevelExperience Point Bonus Gold Piece Bonus
    Adam's Campaign:6th+2000 EXP +100 PP
    Gary's Campaign:4th+1200 EXP +60 PP
    Matt's Campaign:16th+5000 EXP +1400 PP
    This bonus will be given to every member of the winning team, whether their character died or not.