- CosCon 2007 - Specific Magic Items
CosCon 2007

Rules Update

I'm adding a few rules, mostly concerning certain magic items. They are:
Magic Items with Multiple Types
Given the rule that a player can only buy one of each item, certain magic items are questionable because they have many different types. The following magic items have different versions, but will be treated as one item for purposes of the purchasing limits in this event. Any items with multiple types that are not on this list (such as a Cloak of Resistance or a Headband of Intellect) may be purchased multiple times, as long as different types are purchased each time.
  • Bag of Holding
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power
  • Ioun Stone
  • Necklace of Fireballs (which by the way, has some errata associated with it)
  • Pearl of Power
  • Quaal's Feather Token
  • Slaying Arrow (only one: only greater or lesser, and only one race type)
  • Stone Horse
    Specific Magic Items
    Certain magic items need special clarification, they are:
  • Candle of Invocation: You may not use the Candle to prepare higher level spells.
  • Caster's Shield: Initially has no random scroll written on it, but you may spend the cost of a scroll to write a spell on it prior to the start of the event. That cost counts toward your maximum limit of 6 scrolls.
  • Robe of Useful Items: Treat the robe as having one of each randomly determined patch, instead of rolling 4d4.
  • Strand of Prayer Beads: You may only purchase a Lesser Strand of Prayer Beads. Also, treat the Strand as if you are already familiar with it (you've cast a divine spell while wearing it prior to the start of the event).
    Other Stuff
  • Magic items that are (or could be construed as) ammunition are still limited to one purchase. So only one Screaming Bolt or Javelin of Lightning per character. You are limited to one purchase of any particular bundle of magical ammunition (50 arrows, bolts or sling bullets), but you could purchase ammunition of the same enhancement with other qualities, like +2 Arrows and +2 Silver Arrows.
  • None of your magic weapons shed light, as suggested by the DMG, pg 221.
  • All applicable magic items have their command word written on them and their function is clearly labelled on them. A move-equivolent action is all that is necessary to figure out what that item is and how to activate it. This is not only all the items you purchase, but all magic items on the board.
  • All magic items that you buy will be on your person at the start of the game. If you have a large or heavy item, like a Stone Horse, it will start immediately adjacent to the character, in squares chosen by the owner, before the start of combat. If there's a debate over who places first, we will use the first rounds initiative order to determine placement (so yes, it'd be bad to go first, kinda).
  • We will assume that your characters have previosuly worn their magic equipment for as long as necessary for items that require an initial amount of atonement time, like a Ring of Sustenence or a Mask of the Skull.
  • Double weapons count as one weapon for purposes of the price cap, so you couldn't get a +2/+2 Quarterstaff, because the total cost would be 36,600 gp.