- CosCon 2007 - 5x5 PvP Event Rules
CosCon 2007

Event Rules

  • There will be no "Death by Massive Damage" rule. A character could be hit for 149 of his 150 hit points and he'd be just fine.
  • There will be no "Toppling" rule. Getting hit for more than half your max hp's will not knock you prone.
  • There will be no critical fumbles. If a player rolls a "1", he naturally misses, but there will be no secondary check to wing your weapon or break a bowstring or whatever.
  • There will be consequences to a character's equipment if s/he rolls a "1" on a saving throw vs certain magical attacks. See the PHB pg. 177 under "Items Surviving after a Saving Throw".
  • We will use the "Striking the Cover" variant, so cover might find itself crumbling apart, catching fire, or being disintegrated, if you miss by 4 or less. Notably, cover is very often another character engaged in melee with the target.
  • If a character is shrunk or enlarged, we will use the table on the DMG pg.28 to determine the effect on weapon damage. If it comes up, we will also use the "Weapon Equivalencies" variant on pg. 27.
  • There are very specific 5 foot movement rules that I use, which I will explain prior to the event.
  • We're going to consider all your equipment to be a sheathed weapon for purposes of drawing, except for armor and shields. So you can pull out one potion (or put one away) as part of normal movement. You may do this twice if you perform a double move (but not 3x or more). If you have two-weapon fighting, you can draw or put away two things as part of normal movement. If you have two-weapon fighting, you may sheath one weapon and draw another, but the drawn weapon will be in your offhand (assuming the weapon you put away was in your primary hand). It is a move-equivolent action (which can be combined with normal movement) to switch a weapon from one hand to the other.
  • The feat Quick Draw will allow you to draw one weapon for free during your turn, instead of as a move equivolent action. If you have Two-Weapon Fighting also, you may draw two weapons for free. Quick Draw has no effect on sheathing weapons (3.5 Main FAQ, pg. 26)
  • If a character loses a level (through a level-draining attack or by being raised, for example) s/he will lose a level and suffer the usual consequences. For simplicity, they will lose an ability score point from his/her highest attribute. Also, ranks will be removed as appropriate from the skills which have the highest number of ranks. If multi-classed, the character will lose a level from the highest class level they have. In case of a tie on skill points or class level, the result will be determined randomly among the highest scores.
  • Please warn me if you plan on use a Polymorph effect, so I know to brush up on the infinite amount of errata associated with that damn spell.
  • Spellbooks cannot be used as scrolls.
  • You may take feats that you do not qualify for. They will not be active unless you somehow gain those prerequisites though. For example, a player with a Strength of 12 could take Penetrating Shot but could not use the feat unless his Strength was raised to 15 or higher with a Bull's Strength or Strength-boosting magic item.
  • You may use a one-handed weapon two-handed to gain the x1.5 damage bonus.
  • Activating any magic item (including scrolls) is a standard action unless the spell item duplicates an effect that takes longer. If it takes longer, then the activation time takes just as long.
  • If you really want to cast Mordenkainen's Lucubration, pretend that during the previous day you cooked off your maximum allotment of spells. Mark a star by each spell you cast the previous day on your character sheet.