Space Marines Units and Weapons


The basic Terminator squad consists of six Terminators: a Sergeant with a Power Sword, two Heavy Weapons, and three Terminators with a Power Fist and Storm Bolter. The Sergeant is critical to the squad, giving the ability to roll for command points as well as adding seconds to the timer. The basic weapons and all heavy weapons, are detailed below.

Ranged Weapons

Storm Bolter: A specifically modified pair of bolt guns fastened together to fire in unison, considered standard issue for a Terminator. The weapon is clumsy, unwieldy, and delivers too much of a punch without the use of servo-assisted Terminator suits. A storm bolter is the strongest mobile in-game weapon that can go on overwatch, has unlimited range (except 12 squares during overwatch), and unlimited ammunition for game purposes. The Storm Bolter only jams during overwatch.

Bolt Pistol or Bolt Gun: A standard bolt-firing gun. This is reserved for units (mainly Techmarines) who cannot wield the heavy firepower weapons that are customized for Terminator suits. It functions exactly like a Storm Bolter for game purposes (can overwatch, has unlimited ammo, etc.) except for its fewer dice.

Assault Cannon: A self-loading, motor-powered, rotating six-barrel autocannon. This weapon would be useless without being mounted or in the hands of anyone without a Terminator suit. Although made from special heat-resistant ceramite alloys, the hundreds of shells fired every second quickly cause excessive thermal heat which could lead to a jam. If triples are rolled during overwatch, the assault cannon jams. This sudden stopping of the high-speed motor causes it to explode, automatically destroying the Terminator unit. This does not affect adjacent units like the Spore Mine's "Explode" ability. Despite being unable to use sustained fire, the assault cannon has unlimited range (except during overwatch), can move and shoot, often making it a long-range door opener. It boasts the best ranged stats of any unlimited ammunition weapon.

Cyclone Missile Launcher: A twelve-silo, back-mounted missile launcher with a hand-held laser-guided targeting system. Each silo is loaded with one krak missile, which is a low standard in ship-to-ship combat, making them more than adequate for indoor Tyrannid hunting. Like the flamers, it comes with limited ammunition: only twelve missiles per scenario, barring any reloads. For 1 AP a player may fire any number of those missiles at one target. The number of missiles must be chosen before any die rolls. The entire grouping of missles (i.e. salvo) is treated as one attack for purposes of overcoming the "Hard to Kill" trait. This makes this weapon ideal for eliminating special character Tyrannids. Also, the Cyclone Missile Launcher does not jam like a Storm Bolter or explode like an Assault Cannon, making it a very safe heavy weapon choice. Terminators that use Cyclone Missile Launchers also carry a standard Storm Bolter in their other hand. The Terminator cannot go on overwatch or use sustained fire with a Cyclone Missile Launcher, but may mix in missiles with overwatch from the Storm Bolter...
Mixed Shot: At the cost of 1 AP, an overwatched Terminator may fire a single krak missile at the target of their overwatch fire. The decision to shoot the additional missile must be made before overwatch dice are rolled. Both are then resolved simultaneously. This does not remove the Terminator from overwatch. If that Terminator fires multiple missiles or fires at a non-overwatch target, overwatch does end as normal.

Hand Flamer or Light Flamer: A flamethrower that fires a gout of highly volatile liquid chemicals that ignite when exposed to air. It targets one square, filling it with flames that persist until the end of the turn. No roll is needed to confirm the presence of the flames. The flamer needs to be within 12 squares of the target. Units can not move into a square containing flames unless they are currently already in flames and can not move into a non-burning square. Every time a unit moves into a flamed square in this way or takes any action in the flamed square, reroll to burn that unit. Although shooting a hand flamer takes 2 AP's, the firing unit make shoot as many flame templates as they are willing to stack up on the target square. Only one flame template from a stack is removed at the end of a turn, so a long-term fire could be made for tactical purposes. Checking to kill units in a fire is only done once per unit per trigger pull though, it is not based on the number of flame markers stacked on the square. Flames block LoS, but only to anything behind the flame marker (see Diagram x). A hand flamer starts with twelve shots.
Self-Immolation: A flamer can sacrifice himself by pulling the hose that connects the sprayer to the tank. This action costs only 1 AP, immediately destroys the unit, and dumps all remaining shots in the unit's square.

Heavy Flamer: A bigger flamer with heavier output but fewer shots. The heavy flamer uses the same rules as the hand flamer except it has six 2x2 template bursts. The heavy flamer is similarly limited in range to 12 squares, although the larger template extends its kill zone to 13 square. Only one of the squares in the template need be within LoS, firing arc, and range, so attacks could be made on unseen targets (see Blips). The player always chooses how the template overlaps the target square when firing or self-destructing. If the template overlaps a wall or closed door, the excess is wasted and does not push out or spread in any way. Unlike a Hand Flamer, the Heavy Flamer may only fire one template per 2 AP pull. Like a Hand Flamer, a Heavy Flamer may self-immolate for 1 AP, but its 2x2 templates must be converted into twice that number of 1x1 templates first. Flamers can not target closed door spaces, although the flames may overlap onto a closed door's space. If a unit opens or otherwise removes a door where a flame template would have overlapped into the doorway, those flames rush in and occupy the now open space. Shutting a door inside a flame template that has already spread has no effect on the spread of the flames. If two or more flame templates are only partially overlapping (not stacked up directly) then they are all removed at the end of the turn.

Note: A lucky unit that is engulfed in flames that survives the attack can't move through flames unless no other square is available to escape. But the unit could simply not take any actions on its turn to avoid the likely incineration caused by moving through or taking actions in the fire. This would be as if the unit somehow found a safe spot in the inferno and had to stay completely still among the roaring fire around them.

Melee Weapons

Power Fist: Terminator Armor comes standard with these massive armored gauntlets. A generator creates a power field around a power fist that disrupts nearby matter. The effects of this are considered the Terminator's basic attack and have no additional or special rules.

Chainfist: A chainsword attached and powered by a power fist's generator. Although the damage output from a chainfist is greater than a power fist, it is bulky and unwieldy. The net result is that there is no difference in dice for game purposes. A chainfist can automatically destroy a door in an attackable square for 1 AP.

Power Sword: A blade encased in a hazy blue energy field that is awarded to Space Marines who have proven themselves in battle. They are carried exclusively by Sergeants. In addition to the bonus on the die roll, the sword allows one Parry per melee exchange if attacked from the front or side the sword is carried from.

Lightning Claws: Heavy armored power gloves with long slashing talons sheathed in a rippling blue field. To have any game effect, they must be worn in pairs, as the difficult training to use them requires both claws to cover against attacks while slashing out against an opponent. This precludes the Space Marine from using any other weapon.

Note: An "On Guard" unit wielding Lightning Claws may only reroll one of its two melee dice.

Thunder Hammer: Used in conjunction with a Storm Shield, the Thunder Hammer contains a generator that only energizes when the hammer strikes a target, creating its eponymous deafening crack. It has the highest melee bonus of any melee weapon. A hammer-wielding unit is most effective when "On Guard". Detonate: A player may detonate the thunder hammer at the cost of 1 AP. This automatically destroys the wielder and also any friendly units, enemy units, closed doors, and objects in the eight adjacent surrounding squares.

Storm Shield: A defensive energy shield that is often coupled with a Thunder Hammer. The shield blocks incoming attacks as per the "Block" feature (see below).

Force Axe: A Librarian's Force Axe allows him to channel psychic energy into a deadly melee attack. Psi points can be used to add a bonus to any melee die roll against the Librarian's front or the side the axe is wielded from. Each psi point spent gives a +1 to the die roll. The number of points allotted must be stated before the dice are rolled.

Table 2 - Space Marine Weapons

Ranged Weapon Range Chance Kills On Notes
Storm Bolter Unlimited * 2d6 6+ Overwatch, Jam, Sustain, Move&Shoot
Bolt Pistol/Bolt Gun Unlimited * 1d6 6+ Overwatch, Sustain, Move&Shoot
Assault Cannon Unlimited * 3d6 5+ Overwatch, Explodes, Move&Shoot
Cyclone Missile Launcher Unlimited 1d6 2+ Salvo, Mixed Shot, Limited Ammo (12)
Hand Flamer/Light Flamer 12 Squares 1d6 2+ Flamer, Limited Ammo (12)
Heavy Flamer 12 Squares 1d6 2+ Flamer, Limited Ammo (12), 2x2 Template
Heavy Bolter 12 Squares 2d6 6+ Tarantula Only, See "Tarantula"

* Range during Overwatch is 12 squares

Melee Weapon Assault Dice Notes
Power Fist 1d6 -
Chainfist 1d6 Automatically Destroys Doors
Power Sword 1d6 On Guard, Parry, Sergeant Only
Lightning Claws 2d6+1 On Guard
Thunder Hammer 1d6+2 On Guard, Detonate
Storm Shield - Blocks
Force Axe 1d6+1+X Channels Psi Energy, Librarian Only

Common Weapon Attributes

For any descriptor not listed, see the individual weapon's description.

Move and Shoot: A weapon that can Move and Shoot can combine a normal movement with a shot at the cost of just the movement. The LoS and firing arc are traced after the unit moves. This type of movement cannot be combined with sustained fire.

Sustain: Short for Sustained Fire, this means that for every additional shot after the first, the shooter gets a cumulative +1 bonus on all dice to continue shooting at the same target. To qualify for sustained fire, the model can not move and shoot on any of the shots. So a unit must that is using sustained fire must remain stationary for at least two AP's to receive a bonus.

Overwatch: A gun that can be set to overwatch mode that continues into the Bug's Phase. This costs 2 AP. While in overwatch, the unit is firing off rapid bursts at any unit in his firing arc that moves. In fact, the unit must fire. Use overwatch tokens to represent this on the game board. If an enemy action occurs in two overlapping overwatched firing arcs, you still must roll for the second shot if the first hits since these actions happen simultaneously. A player may opt to not fire by taking the gunner off overwatch, which is a free action that must be declared before any dice are rolled as a result of the action. So a Terminator that steps into an overwatched firing arc would have to be fired upon unless this free action is taken. It is important to note that the overwatch shot happens after the inciting action. So a player observing a unit shutting a door that breaks LoS would not be able to shoot. That still would count as an action within that unit's LoS, so a normal (overwatch breaking!) shot could be taken at the actual door for one CP. If a unit is attacked in close combat (exception: Tarantula) or takes any other sort of action (exception: Mixed Fire) then overwatch is removed. Overwatch limits a weapon's range to 12 squares. Because of the fast-action, bullet-hosing nature of overwatch, it is often possible for a gun to jam...

Jam: A Marine in overwatch is firing quickly, faster than the weapon was designed for. When doubles are rolled to hit during overwatch, the weapon will Jam. Flip the overwatch token to the "Jam" side. This removes the unit from overwatch and 1 AP must be spent to clear the gun's jam. If doubles are rolled that would still hit, the target is still destroyed before the jam occurs.

Block: Melee attackers receive one fewer die in attacks against the shield's wielder if they attack from the front or the side that the shield is held. The Block ability has no effect on ranged or template-based attacks.

Parry: A weapon with parry allows the unit to force the opponent to reroll one of the attack dice after seeing the results of a melee exchange. The choice to parry is made after the initial combat roll but before the decision to use "On Guard". Parries may only be made when attacked from the front or the side the weapon is held from.

On Guard: Similar to Overwatch, a melee-based Marine can spend 2 AP's to put himself on "On Guard". Use On-Guard tokens to represent this on the game board. A unit can be On Guard or on Overwatch but not both. A Marine that is On Guard may reroll one of his dice in close combat after seeing the results. This also happens after any parries are resolved. Being attacked in close combat does not remove the On Guard token. The On Guard ability may be used even when attacked from behind. On Guard is broken if the unit takes any action outside of melee combat.

Limited Ammo (X): This weapon can only expend X shots before becoming unusable. Often in a game, reloads for specific weapons will be placed on the board. It costs 4 AP for a unit to reload his heavy weapon or a Techmarine can load it for you for 2 AP. See "Objects" for additional rules on moving reloads around. Typically though, the unit will just pickup (1 AP) and reload (4 AP) immediately without lugging it around. Any unused shots are wasted when a heavy weapon is reloaded.

Special Units

Librarian: Librarians are highly experienced combat veterans with psychic powers. They start the game with 20 Psi Points that can be spent in a variety of ways. Once those point are spent, they can not be replenished for the remainder of the mission. A Librarian can...

Techmarine: Techmarines are cybernetically-enhanced engineers with limited direct offensive capability but excellent support abilities. They only wield only a Bolt Gun (the weakest ranged weapon available in game). They do have numerous other actions that set them apart...

Note: Sometimes a mission objective will be built around the Techmarine's engineering abilities, such as repairing a control module or activating the ship's defense systems. If this involves the mission's primary objective, a Techmarine must survive to achieve it. In those circumstances, the demise of all Techmarines means the immediate failure of the mission.

Tarantula Turret: Created by a Techmarine, a Tarantula is a stationary sentry gun equipped with twin Heavy Bolters. These function like two separate Storm Bolters on overwatch and they both fire at any enemy that enters its firing arc within 12 squares. A Tarantula does not fire on friendly units that step into its firing arc, nor does that cause it to exit overwatch. Command points may not be used to clear jams or put a Tarantula back on overwatch. Instead, a Tarantula automatically clears any jams in both guns during the Record Keeping phase. A Tarantula does not go off overwatch when attacked in melee. Without any close support weapons, a Tarantula must rely on the fact that it a hunk of metal in melee, and automatically treats its melee roll as a 3, but can not win a melee exchange. Wins instead are treated as ties. It does have the option to change facing as a result of a tied melee exchange. Actions that occur within the Tarantula's LoS cannot be used to trigger CP-spent actions and CP-spent actions by the controlling Techmarine cannot be used to manipulate the Tarantula turret.

Grey Knights: A Grey Knight Squad has a similar makeup to a normal Terminator squad, except that the Grey Knights may be equipped with Nemesis weapons and possess psychic abilities, similar to a Librarian. More in a future rules version.

Legion of the Damned: Has a similar makeup to a normal Terminator squad, except that they use older weaponry from a previous era. These weapons are often more powerful but uncontrollable. More about them in a future rules version.