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The "Leader" character

One player, who is elected by their peers, has certain advantages that other players do not have.
  • That character is 14th level instead of 12th.
  • That character gets an additional 100K instead of 20K in discretionary gold. (See Buying Equipment for more on that)
  • That character may spend up to 25K on equipment they purchase, instead of 19K.
  • That character starts with a special magic item. See below.
  • That character has the final say on what one "Team Benefit" (PHB2 Chapter 6) the group has selected. The leader must be the "Task Leader" for the benefit.

    Also, it should be mentioned that when the leader is at negative hit points or dead, the remainder of the party is shaken (-2 on almost everything).
    There is only one limitation on the leader character. The leader can't create a character that would allow him/her to cast 7th level spells. I don't want any Fingers of Death being pointed...

    The aforementioned magic item is a:

    Amulet of Information

    This amulet allows the wearer to constantly benefit from spells "Status" and "Rary's Telepathic Bond" with up to the last four willing allies to touch it, aside from the wearer. Furthermore, those four allies also gain the benefits of "Status" with the each other and the wearer. Additionally, as a standard action, the wearer can focus the amulet's energy on any target within line of sight and know the target's alignment, any and all classes, race, current hit points, levels, any magical effects currently affecting the target, and any spells the target has prepared, if they are a spellcaster. This amulet can only be used by someone who has worn it for one day. If the wearer dies, or the amulet is removed, the spell effects wear off after one hour.