- CosCon 2007 - Equipment Buying
CosCon 2007

Starting Gold and Party Sharing

Each character has 40K in gold that they must spend. Each non-leader character also has an additional 20K in gold that they have, but may give to other party members if they choose. Instead of 20K, the leader has 100K, which s/he may keep or give away. Additionally the leader's purchase limitations are different (see the leader page). Any gold passed between players must be reported to the GM via the forum.
Players may purchase arms and equipment from the PHB and the DMG.
Unused gold is not carried by the players, it is simply wasted. No, you may not purchase gems unless it is a spell component you need.

Each non-leader characters is limited to the following purchasing rules:
  • You may not spend more than 19K on any one item.
  • Only one of any item may be purchased, with the exception of ammunition, potions and oils, and scrolls (you couldn't purchase two battleaxes, but you could purchase a battleaxe, a masterwork battleaxe, a +1 battleaxe, and a +1 cold iron battleaxe though).
  • Mounts, transports, and hirelings are not permitted.
  • Items made of special materials (darkwood, mithril, dragonhide, etc.) are permitted. See the DMG, pages 283-285.
  • You may not purchase scrolls of 7th level or higher.
  • Although it has the potential for a nice trick, no cursed items are permitted.
  • No intelligent items are permitted.
  • You can't purchase a partially loaded item, like a 50%-off wand with 25 charges, or anything like that.

    Furthermore (and this applies to the leader as well), the entire party is limited to the following purchasing rules:
  • The party may only purchase up to 10 potions or oils.
  • The party may only purchase up to 6 scrolls.
  • The party may only purchase up to 2 wands.
  • The party may only purchase one of any particular wondrous item. To clarify, you couldn't purchase two Gloves of Dexterity (+2), but you could purchase Gloves of Dexterity (+2) and Gloves of Dexterity (+4).

    Also, a few things of note concerning purchasing and magic items:
  • Keep a list of your purchases with the amounts on it or have a party-elected "treasurer" keep track of everyone's purchases. It'll help me get the event started.
  • You may not trade items before the combat, just gold. So whatever you buy is in your possession at the start of the event. After the start, feel free to waste time by juggling your garbage around.
  • For simplicity's sake, we're going to consider all of your equipment as a sheathed weapon for purposes of getting junk out. See the rules section for more on this.
  • Items that have spell-storing effects (like a Ring of Spell Storing) are not "preloaded" before the start of the event. You'll have to waste spells and time loading them.
  • Items that require some sort of designation (like a Bracelet of Friends) may be designated before the start of the event. Note whatever designation is made on your character sheet. If no designation is made on your sheet, then the item will not function.
  • There will (hopefully!) be no need to purchase food.
  • Wizards will need to purchase a spellbook(s).
  • Since Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer is slightly viable (and maybe something else I'm forgetting?), wizards may spend as much gold as they like to ink more spells in their spellbooks. We will assume that the wizard always makes his/her check to put the spell in. Use the 50 x spell level charge for "Spells Copied from Another's Spellbook" plus 100 gp per page in material. See the PHB pg. 179.
  • Don't forget to buy any costly material components! Normal spell components will not need to be purchased.