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CosCon 2007

Character Generation Rules

Players may only use content from the Player's Handbook I (PHB) and most of the content from the Player's Handbook II (PHB2). Additionally, players may use the prestige classes and magic item lists from the Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG). The only other content that is acceptable is the Player's Handbook v3.5 Errata, the Dungeon Master's Guide Errata, and the Main D&D 3.5 FAQ.
A zipped version of the basic D&D 3.5 character sheet can be downloaded from WoTC here.

Ability Scores and Hit Points

All characters will use the point-buy system for a "tougher campaign". So, players have 28 points to buy ability scores using this table.
Ability Score Point Cost Ability Score Point Cost
91 146
102 158
113 1610
124 1713
135 1816

If a player does not spend any points in an ability score, that score is 8.
First generate your six attributes, then adjust for any racial bonuses/penalties, then add 3 additional points to account for your 4th, 8th, and 12th level ability score point bonuses.
You may only purchase up to an 18 in any single attribute, but racial adjustments and strategic increases using the 3 extra points can potentially put a base attribute well over 18.

Class, Race, Levels, and Multi-Classing

  • Characters will all be of 12th level (exactly 66K Exp) except for a peer-elected team "leader", who will be 14th level (exactly 91K Exp). For more on the "leader", click here.
  • Characters may freely multi-class, however they may not multi-class in a way which would cause an experience point penalty. See PHB, page 60. (Note: Prestige Classes are not considered in terms of multi-classing)
  • The following Prestige Classes are not permitted: Blackguard, Assassin, Mystic Theurge, Red Wizard.
  • The classes "Dragon Shaman" and "Duskblade" from the PHB2 are not permitted.
  • You may select any of the sample alternative class features listed in Chapter Two of the PHB2. Please note alternative class features on the "Special Abilities" section on the back of your character sheet.
  • Characters must be of the core races set forth in the PHB. No Monster Manual races (such as orcs, tieflings, or centaurs) are permitted.

    Skills, Feats, and NPCs

    If a player is multi-classing, it can be very difficult to determine your starting skill points. Class skills are only class skills when you gain them in that particular class, and if you take levels in other classes, they are no longer treated as class skills. If you end up spending two points on a rank in a cross-class skill, and you are multi-classing, be prepared to explain your skill array to the DM.
    By maximizing ranks and through magical enhancements, high ability scores, and other means, characters may be able to perform epic-level skill checks. For simplicity's sake, (based on the scope of this event) we are only talking about the skills Spot and Tumble.
    Characters may choose any feat in the PHB or PHB2, with the exception of Leadership. In addition, players are not permitted to have familiars, animal companions, mounts, or any other type of NPC/monster that would make my life hell (summoning spells are allowed though). Numerous other feats are pretty useless, like Craft feats. I recommend not taking those.

    Hit Points

    Characters will have maximum hit points at every level.
    Click here for information on purchasing equipment and magic items, and also on the limitations set forth on purchasing magic items.