Just all the stuff that I threw up that doesn't have a home, so I can more easily access it in a pinch. Larger stuff that got grouped into subfolders is the left-hand navigation. Single pagey, smaller stuff goes in list form in the body. Note to self: Using the CSS from the Umbra subfolder. That's lazy, self. Fix it. Eventually.

  1. Test Page for this jag server's PHP.
  2. A PHP Time Test page, just to illustrate php's time shtuffz.
  3. An pre-HTML 5 CSS checker within site, within browser.
  4. Some illustrative Calendar I used once. Has its own css file.
  5. I almost got a head flashlight for $0 on Amazon? Remember that?!
  6. I made that sweet Minecraft Wallpaper once too, until NEI ruined it.
  7. I also made that baller Pathfinder Spell Cheat Sheet.
  8. Speaking of Pathfinder stuff, there's also the Pathfinder Paladin Weapon Imbuements.
  9. Remember when I wrote that stream of consciousness and it came out awesome?
  10. There's also a 7-20-2011 gaming recap that is gigantic.